On my mind…

So it has been a little over 2 months since I have posted anything and it felt like now was the right time. I am currently in the house in New Orleans while a dance party goes on in the kitchen. I am loving it here. Last week we were in New York at YAV orientation, or disorientation as we called it. We covered so many different topics and some of them were incredibly difficult topics. Now that we are back in New Orleans, we have unpacked some of those topics in casual conversations but I think we will be dealing with them and seeing them all year. I am looking forward to seeing what this year will hold.

A few observations: I have already notice is that the houses here are gorgeous. My housemates are awesome. One of them totally looks like Will Wheaton. It rains here a lot.( Like so much that I wish I could send it to Texas and help end the drought.) This year is going to be a year of challenges and stretching and growing for me.

I think this year is definitely going to present some interesting challenges for me. I am a conservative Christian living in a liberal town. I have a strong desire to make friends but I don’t know how to make friends outside of the house. I have lived on my own by myself for 5 years, yet now I am sharing a house with 6 other people. My prayer for this year is that God grants me an open mind to all the possibilities around me. I also pray that those people reading these blogs will leave comments so that we can be in conversation and be understanding of what I am learning about and going through. I am going to be real on this blog and it will make some people mad. I am writing this as not representing anybody or any organization but myself. For now, I am off to go work with my community and site coordinator to write a community covenant. Here is a picture of our community:

New Orleans Walking Tour

Welcome to Jennifer’s year in New Orleans!!