New Orleans

So, I figured that since I have been in New Orleans for a few months, I would let everyone know what I have noticed about the city, what I love about the city, and what I don’t like about the city. As a YAV coming to a city I have never been to before, it allows me to have an interesting perspective. Here are a couple of my observations:

  1. Possibly the most confusing thing about this city, especially for someone driving, are the streets. You can be going down a road that you think will take you where you need to go only to find a Do Not Enter sign. Why? Well, because the one-way street you were driving on has suddenly changed directions. Confusing? Yea I think so too.
  1. However, one of the best things about this city is the hospitality. I have never felt more welcomed anywhere in my life. Maybe it is because we are Young Adult Volunteers, (I’m not sure.) The people here always want to hug you or feed you or both. We went on a tour of the bayou a few weeks ago and the church that hosted us fed us so much amazing food. I could barely move from being so full.

IMG_1170          Jambalaya, Sweet potato crunch, and peas with onions



Crawfish Fettuccini






  1. So I have told you something confusing, and something I love, now I will share with you something that I don’t like about this city. It has to do with the rampant poverty that is in New Orleans. It is the tension of New Orleans. You will have the very poor right next to the very rich and it seems like everyone is ok with this. There are organizations that help, like Program of Hope, but these organizations can only do so much. At times, it can feel hopeless and infuriating. It can often even leave me wonder if as Young Adult Volunteers we are making any difference. However, I also talk to my roommate who has worked with Program of Hope and she has told me of stories where the programs are making a difference.


One person at a time, a difference is being made. Maybe that is what the heart of ministry is all about. It is not about saving the whole world, but about making a difference of any kind in one person’s life.


2 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. One of the amazing things is when you see that someone you shared God’s grace with 20 years ago, is sharing it with others now.
    Someone who shared God’s love with within your family is sharing God’s love now. We do not know where God’s timing will talk things.

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